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7 IBS Treatment and Diagnostic Considerations

Irritable bowel syndrome is one of the most common conditions seen by primary care doctors. While IBS is not life threatening, this condition can be a source of significant discomfort, embarrassment, and worry for patients who experience symptoms. IBS is associated with a wide variety of symptoms including abdominal pain, constipation, diarrhea, gas, nausea, and…

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Did You Know This About Herbal Teas?

Herbal Teas Clear Glass Tea Cup Wood Table

Herbal teas offer a wide range of health benefits. They have been blended for centuries for their powerful mood, medicinal, and nutritive properties. They can be applied topically as well as consumed as a beverage. Each herbal tea formula contains a unique blend of phytonutrients, minerals, and medicinal properties that result from the specific ratio…

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Dr. Dan Reed Participates In Toxic Mold Summit

We’re pleased to announce that Dr. Dan Reed will be participating in a 7 day summit sponsored by “The Toxic Mold Project.” This seminar includes: Treatment protocols The link between autoimmunity and mold Mold remediation options Multiple chemical sensitivity Understanding co-infections with lyme Candida and mold Many other in depth elements of the dangers of…

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Why We Don’t Take Health Insurance

One of our most frequently asked questions at Full Circle Care is, “Do you take health insurance?” In Utah the answer is, “Health insurance doesn’t take us!” Unlike other states who license NDs and provide insurance coverage – such as California, Washington, Oregon, Hawaii or Arizona – Utah has a limitation written directly into our…

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5 Reasons To Get IV Nutrient Therapy

IV Drips for Vitamin Therapy 450x257 | Full Circle Care

For me, nutrition is more than just the thing that brought me to Naturopathic Medicine: nutrition is everything about our health. Without the proper nutrients these bodies of ours simply stop working correctly and illness creeps in. What You Need to Know About IV Nutrient Therapy I so desperately wish we could trust our food…

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Detoxify Your Home With These Home Health Resources

There are many things to consider in detoxifying your home. Water filtering systems, air filtering and circulation systems, heating systems, the kind of paint you have on your walls, the materials in your carpets, the types of insulation in your home, etc. To get started clearing the toxins from your home, have a look at…

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Period Housekeeping!

Periods are a fact of life for women. They are the essential part of a woman’s reproductive cycle. When your hormones are well balanced, periods should be manageable, without cramping, heavy bleeding, or surprise appearances. The days leading up to your period should have minimal PMS or premenstrual symptoms. Simple Strategy for Happy, Healthy, and…

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The Best Things in Life are Free. Especially Testosterone!

You’ve heard of testosterone by now, but did you know that there is such a thing as free testosterone? Many substances in your blood are carried by proteins, and testosterone is frequently bound by a substance called Sex Hormone Binding Globulin. When testosterone is unbound from proteins, it has more biological activity to promote growth…

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4 Immune Boosting Soup Recipes

These immunity-boosting delicious soups are chock full of important nutrients to keep you hale and hearty throughout the winter. Plus, there is nothing like a hot steaming bowl of soup to warm you up, bring a smile to your face, and invite your body and mind to relax. And it just might clear your sinuses,…

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