Why We Don’t Take Health Insurance

One of our most frequently asked questions at Full Circle Care is, “Do you take health insurance?” In Utah the answer is, “Health insurance doesn’t take us!” Unlike other states who license NDs and provide insurance coverage – such as California, Washington, Oregon, Hawaii or Arizona – Utah has a limitation written directly into our Practice Act.

Naturopathic Physicians in the State of Utah are not eligible to contract as providers for any insurance companies. When our Practice Act was being created back in the 90s, the Utah Medical Association did their best to create obstacles to our success, including adding language stating that “Insurance companies are not required to contract with licensed NDs”.

We understand you may decide that seeing an insurance-covered provider is the only way you can receive healthcare, but take a few minutes to consider with me why you might want to decide otherwise.

Ask Yourself These 4 Questions

1. Are there providers on your insurance plan who provide the kind of care you are looking for?

A provider who will give you 60-90 minutes the first time you see him/her and really take an interest in YOU and your health by getting to know you?

A provider who will do more than give you a prescription to cover the one symptom they have time to discuss with you (if there even exists a prescription for your unique concern)?

2. What is the ultimate cost to you of NOT addressing your health concerns in a way that makes the most sense to you?

You could spend months, or years, in and out of the medical world and never get to the underlying causes of your health and only see increasing bills and a growing list of medications.

You sought out a Naturopathic Physician for a reason, and it is because you understand and believe there is a better way to achieve health that to mask your symptoms with medication only. You’ve read enough on the Internet to know people have had profound success with various natural medicine therapies, and you want to try too – because it feels right to you.

3. Are there other ways to afford “out-of-pocket” healthcare that won’t break the bank?

We strongly recommend you take a look at high-deductible (and more affordable) insurance plans that allow you to establish a Health Savings Accounts (HSA) for you personally, and your family if you have one. HSAs allow you to pay for a variety of healthcare modalities from one account, and the dollars you spend annually are pre-tax deductible.

At Full Circle Care you can purchase all of your lab tests, supplements, IVs, office visits, and even air purifiers with your HSA funds. Talk to your accountant or to an insurance representative to find the plan that is best for you.

HSA funds will cover all of your expenses at Full Circle Care and you receive the added bonus of deducting your health care expenses as a “Pre-tax” deduction (check with your accountant and discuss with the insurance agent to learn more).

Your employer may also offer you a Flexible Saving Account (FSA) account and match or establish funds for you to use for your out-of-pocket expenses.

4. Did you know that the Affordable Care Act (ACA) Marketplace is still open?

It is! The Affordable Care Act (ACA) Marketplace is still open. You can enroll in or change 2019 Marketplace health insurance for 2 more days. The 2019 Open Enrollment Period ends this Saturday, December 15, 2018.

If your current health insurance plan does NOT allow you to have a Health Savings Account then we strongly encourage you to take a look at a plan that will!

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