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Patient Portal


Your Patient Portal is a secure, HIPAA-Certified, Patient Health Record System (PHR) for managing your private health information.

Use your patient portal to:

  • Record current medications, supplements, their dosage and period of intake
  • View medications and supplements that were used in the past
  • View immunizations taken right from birth and therapies undergone till date
  • Manage health vitals such as weight, height, blood pressure and blood sugar; record the data periodically and plot it graphically, to view the progress over time
  • Import lab result PDFs and plot them graphically to view the progress over time
  • Upload and manage health related documents (X-ray images, lab record PDFs, video files, etc.)
  • Manage the health of up to five members from a single user account. Managing the health of the entire family from a single account, saving the trouble of remembering multiple usernames and passwords.

Full Circle Care specializes in integrative medicine, an evidence-based approach that combines proven alternative treatments with the best of conventional medicine. We focus on wellness not just disease and emphasize the importance of the patient-physician relationship.

Full Circle Care delivers the full range of acute, chronic, and preventive health care. We use state of the art blood tests for highly individualized diagnoses. In addition, we offer our patients a naturopathic perspective that includes homeopathy, herbal medicine, and nutritional support. Our physicians prescribe standard pharmaceuticals when appropriate.

Find Us

Full Circle Care
5107 South 900 East, Suite 140
Murray, UT 84117
Mon - Thu  9am - 5pm
closed for lunch 12:00 - 1:30 PM

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