Your Patient Portal is a secure, HIPAA-Certified, Patient Health Record System (PHR) for managing your private health information.

Use your patient portal to:

  • Record current medications, supplements, their dosage and period of intake
  • View medications and supplements that were used in the past
  • View immunizations taken right from birth and therapies undergone till date
  • Manage health vitals such as weight, height, blood pressure and blood sugar; record the data periodically and plot it graphically, to view the progress over time
  • Import lab result PDFs and plot them graphically to view the progress over time
  • Upload and manage health related documents (X-ray images, lab record PDFs, video files, etc.)
  • Manage the health of up to five members from a single user account. Managing the health of the entire family from a single account, saving the trouble of remembering multiple usernames and passwords.