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Integrative Medicine

from Full Circle Care

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Family Practice Doctors

Our licensed naturopathic physicians care about your vitality - the energy you need to show up in your life and live more fully.

Integrative Medicine

Our integrative medicine clinic will help you make empowered health care choices to restore your vitality and thrive in your life.

Personalized Medicine

Learn about our personalized health assessment process and the emphasis we place on the doctor-patient relationship. Schedule your first visit!

Dr. Peterson loves to work with people who are serious about their healing journey. She understands that investing in your healthcare requires establishing a trusting relationship with your care provider. Dr. Peterson listens to you, answers your questions, and provides natural medicine solutions unlike any medical provider you’ve worked with. As a Naturopathic Physician, Leslie believes in supporting nature's intention for healing by treating your whole being: body, mind and spirit. Your body’s needs are unique - so your treatment must be just right for you!

Dr. Carner is a family Naturopathic Physician, trained in Natural and Preventative Medicine, as well as General Practice. She recognizes that it is necessary to look beyond symptom management in order to determine underlying causes of disease. Dr. Carner is trained to examine the patient as a whole person, including mental, emotional and physical factors that contribute to one's well-being. At your office visit, she will listen to your story and develop a collaborative plan to feeling great again.

Dr. Reed understands that you are a person and not a diagnosis. First and foremost, he will empower you to take control of your own health journey with the goal of improving the way you feel every day. During a visit with Dr. Reed, he will develop an individualized treatment plan tailored to your needs that includes exercise, diet, and natural medicines. He believes in using a practical approach, and the minimum amount of medications and supplements necessary to achieve your health goals.

Case Study #1

Jennifer is a 46 year-old woman who feels tired all the time and can’t seem to lose weight despite her best intentions to eat well and exercise...

Case Study #2

Gary is a 57 year-old man with prediabetes, hypertension, and high cholesterol. He is unhappy with his current medical care and is looking for a different approach...

What People Are Saying

I just need to take a minute to truly thank you for taking so much time to talk with me on Monday. I think more than any medical advice you could have given me, the reassurance to know that "someone" is on my side and helping me sort through all these crazy issues has had such a significant impact on my life.

- NU, Salt Lake City, Utah

I always feel welcome at Full Circle Care. Since visiting with Dr. Peterson and consistently taking the supplements she prescribes, I sleep better, I have more energy, and my hormones are balancing.

- JB, Salt Lake City, Utah

I am ecstatic that I now know why my health started to fail and what I need to do to continue to heal and stay healthy. If you are struggling with health issues or want to see a practitioner that uses a naturopathic approach, then I highly recommend you see Dr. Leslie Peterson at Full Circle Care in Salt Lake City.

- KL, Salt Lake City, Utah

Dr. Peterson is a women's health guru, but can help people of all ages and genders improve their health with her lifestyle medicine knowledge and compassionate care.

- HM, Salt Lake City, Utah

Dr. Peterson is sensitive, a great listener and willing to go the extra mile to figure out how to help you live with great health. I recommend her for most things, but especially for women's health.

- SK, Salt Lake City, Utah

Dr. Peterson saved me from Postpartum Depression. She was sharp and intuitive to find the root cause, not just the symptoms. She is caring and a great listener. I started feeling better within hours after I consulted her. I thank God to have met her. I thank her for giving me back the joy of motherhood and my life back.

- CG, Salt Lake City, Utah

I came to Dr. Peterson with a laundry list of chronic fatigue related ailments. She was the first doctor I had ever met who took the time to listen, consider all options, and then diagnose the underlying cause of the symptoms. She worked with me to identify medication and a path to wellness that will work for my lifestyle. The results are remarkable.

- VN, Salt Lake City, Utah

As always, your help and advice were invaluable to me. The AIP Diet has almost eliminated my joint pain and I can wear my wedding ring for the first time in years!

- CM, Salt Lake City, Utah

You are awesome! I always question why I ever go see anyone else!? You are the only one that ever helps me!

- RY, Salt Lake City, Utah

I just wanted to send a note a say hello, and thank you for helping me on my journey to learn even more about hormone health before I got pregnant! I'm now 28 weeks with a healthy baby boy 🙂 I am loving pregnancy, and how it makes health and wellness move to number one on priorities list so quickly. I'm sure I'll be seeing you in a few months, and we will be sure to stop by for a thank you visit this summer!

- RB, Salt Lake City, Utah

Schedule a Visit

Full Circle Care is perfect for you if you are looking for experienced family practice doctors who are experts in integrative medicine, treat you with warmth and respect, and deliver the results that you have been looking for. If this is your first time working with Full Circle Care, we offer a 15-minute Free Get Acquainted Call with one of our physicians.

Full Circle Care specializes in integrative medicine, an evidence-based approach that combines proven alternative treatments with the best of conventional medicine. We focus on wellness not just disease and emphasize the importance of the patient-physician relationship. Three licensed family physicians are on staff.

Our family practice doctors deliver the full range of acute, chronic, and preventive health care. We use state of the art blood tests for highly individualized diagnoses. In addition, we offer our patients a naturopathic perspective that includes homeopathy, herbal medicine, and nutritional support. Our doctors prescribe standard pharmaceuticals when appropriate.

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